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Forensic Accounting

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Private Investigations Services

In many cases where fraud and embezzlement are complex and hidden, it is necessary to delve into a company’s accounting methods and protocol to gather the data and collect evidence.  Forensic accounting is an investigative method used to analyze and procure data from accounting practices in order to gather evidence to support litigation.

When a large scale fraud or embezzlement has taken place, it takes a team of professionals to gather the facts to determine when and how the crime occurred, what the depth and impact of the event is and how to put protocols in place to stop the theft from happening.  Forensic accounting can be used to determine these factors.   From analyzing the income and lifestyle of an employee suspected of embezzlement to understanding whether or not fund diversion has taken place in a suspected fraud situation, forensics accounting analysis is just one tool in Secure Vigil’s suite of investigative methods.

In addition to using forensic accounting in corporate litigation, forensic accounting can be used in family law cases specifically to analyze lifestyle for determining spousal support and child support payments.