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Solutions for Transportation

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Transportation companies have relied on video surveillance for years to deter theft and protect personnel and property. With advances in technology, video systems that were once solely intended to provide for loss prevention and risk management are now capable of much more and have a far greater impact to the bottom line and operational success. Secure Vigil’s video and data management software solutions provide intelligent visual integration with existing logistics and business systems to address challenges that businesses in the transportation industry are challenged with on a daily basis.

Use Secure Vigil’s Transportation Solutions to:

  • Enhance Customer Experience Monitor employee/customer interactions, improve service levels, better understand customer behavior
  • Reduce Theft and Vandalism Deter property theft and vandalism, prevent internal theft
  • Mitigate Facility Risk Reduce likelihood and cost of defending fraudulent claims and lawsuits
  • Improve Display Effectiveness Analyze and improve effectiveness of signage and informational displays
  • Improve Operational Consistency Monitor and maintain system-wide operational consistency