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Solutions for Government

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From state and local offices to expansive federal agencies, government administrators have grown increasingly dependent on innovative security solutions including video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection for years to prevent theft and protect facilities and personnel. With advances in technology, security systems that were once solely intended to provide for security and risk management are now capable of much more and have a far greater benefit to facility managers – and ultimately, taxpayers. Secure Vigil’s video and data management software solutions provide intelligent visual integration with existing business systems to address concerns that are faced by governmental entities at all levels.

Use Secure Vigil’s Government Solutions to:

  • Expand safety capabilities improve awareness and proactive monitoring of public facilities
  • Deter and/or prevent internal and external theft of public assets
  • Protect against potential threats actively monitor public areas for abandoned objects or items removed
  • Mitigate facility risk reduce likelihood and cost of defending fraudulent claims and lawsuits
  • Improve operational consistency monitor and maintain system-wide operational consistency