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CCTV/Video Surveillance

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Secure Vigil LLC,  is a leading expert in the installation of network-based IP video solutions. Secure Vigil can provide the installation of simple, locally recorded video solutions to enterprise-class multi-campus environments with thousands of video cameras. Mass storage, management, and retrieval of video images are part of a total solution from Secure Vigil.

Secure Vigil’s video surveillance technology integrates with components of your security system to help mitigate risk, protect assets and increase safety.  The IP-based video surveillance system can work with access control to help regulate entry into a facility, or to view a remote location from any computer.   Cutting-edge video analytics systems integrated with motion control can increase the effectiveness of intrusion detection while lowering the costs of false alarms.


Secure Vigil security experts will thoroughly evaluate your security needs and will design and install an integrated network security platform to support your video surveillance system.  Whether you require cameras with explosion-proof camera housing for your industrial facility or a pan/tilt/zoom camera for your commercial retail building, Secure Vigil will custom design a video surveillance system that’s right for you.

Video surveillance can include:

  • Monitoring of remote locations in real-time through IP based video surveillance systems
  • Reduction of product theft
  • Real-time monitoring of facility entry points, building areas and employees
  • Event logging

 Secure Vigil Markets

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Distribution/manufacturing
  • Chemical Facilities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Financial Facilities
  • Government
  • Education