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TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

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Private Investigations Services

Physical listening devices can be easily planted and hard to detect without a professional TSCM expert. These devices can be advantageous to corporate adversaries if planted in a CEO’s office or in a board room where confidential and proprietary information is discussed.  When millions of dollars are at stake, unscrupulous means might be used to gain information.

The same can be true when a contentious divorce situation exists.  A spouse may plant listening devices in a home to gain information from the other spouse.  These types of physical listening devices are easy to hide, and easy to obtain from an online spy store.   With high net worth divorce litigation, the stakes are high and spouses will often resort to any means to gain the upper hand.

From boardrooms to bed rooms, physical listening devices have been used to illegally listen to conversations and gain the upper hand in corporate matters or even in divorce litigation.  Secure Vigil’s expert TSCM services will help you to detect these listening devices and put an end to bugging.