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Corporate Intelligence

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Private Investigations Services

Complex investigations often require the use of multiple investigative tools to help to gather intelligence to support a client’s case.  In most cases, the goal of the investigation is to gather enough evidence to present a solid case in court.  Corporate Intelligence can be gathered in a multitude of ways, from background checks to under cover work.  It is often up to the client to gather this evidence in order to assist law enforcement with building a criminal case.  However, these investigations that require the gathering of evidence are not limited to criminal cases, and can be used in civil cases as well.

Intelligence gathering starts with thorough background investigations including criminal and civil checks.  When an investigation requires the gathering of internal company information, Secure Vigil’s private investigators have facilitated under cover investigations in fraud, embezzlement and theft cases that have resulted in the case being turned over to law enforcement and the criminal courts.  This might involve putting an investigator under cover as an employee to gain information from the inside.  External under cover investigations might involve an investigator posing as a potential customer or competitor in order to gain information about product diversion and theft.

Secure Vigil’s investigators will work with you to create a scope of work that will get you the information you need to substantiate your claims of wrong-doing.  With resources in both law enforcement and law firms, Secure Vigil will put together a team that will facilitate the greatest success in your investigation.  We understand that a crisis situation such as theft, fraud or embezzlement requires professional investigators that can work out of the box.  Call one of our today for your free consultation.