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Secure Vigil, LLC Announces Dallas Private Investigations Division

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Dallas, TX – Secure Vigil, LLC a Houston-based security and investigations firm announces that it has opened a new office in Dallas, TX that will focus on providing private investigations.  Secure Vigil is a leading security integrator with clients in Houston, TX as well as across the state.  Secure Vigil recently announced that it has started a private investigations division that will provide corporate intelligence, covert surveillance and background investigations for companies who need to gather evidence to support civil or criminal litigation.  Some of the cases types that Secure Vigil will be working with include fraud (bankruptcy, workers compensation, insurance), embezzlement, employee theft and product diversion.  Secure Vigil’s private investigations division will also work with private individuals as well in domestic cases involving divorce or child custody.

“Our private investigations division will complement our successful integrated security business.”  says Jerry Nicholson, CEO of Secure Vigil.  “ Not only will we be able to provide the investigative services to clients once an event has occurred, we will be able to look at their vulnerabilities and put physical security systems in place when needed, such as with employee theft or product diversion cases.”  Continued Nicholson.

Secure Vigil’s private investigations division will use many of the traditional private investigation techniques to gather evidence such as covert surveillance, under cover work, background investigations, social engineering and social media analysis.  As licensed private investigators, Secure Vigil’s will focus on corporate clients.

About Secure Vigil


Secure Vigil’s private investigations division works with clients in highly sensitive and confidential situations, which require professional investigative services to gather evidence to help build a civil or criminal case.  Secure Vigil works with clients in cases such as fraud, embezzlement and theft (employee theft and product diversion).  Secure Vigil also works with domestic issues such as divorce and child custody.

Together with Secure Vigil’s security integration division, Secure Vigil is able to provide unmatched security and investigations services to its clients.