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Could this be the new trend in security?  Microsoft has deployed robots that function as security guards.  Much of the reason that companies use video surveillance as opposed to security guards is that security guards can not be every where at once.  However, a human only has a set of eyes, and possibly a firearm.  The robot can be equipped with a whole lot more and can be sent into a dangerous environment without fear.

A group of short-statured, high-profile visitors recently toured Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus without the aid of bodyguards. The tourists — whose appearance falls somewhere between R2 models and Daleks — were innovative bots designed to be security guards, themselves, and without such pesky human qualities as fear and doubt.  Equipped with cameras, Wi-Fi, thermal imaging, and even bio-chemical and radioactivity sensors, the droids are able to tour selected areas, record license plate and other info, and report back to manned stations when trouble is detected.  Read the article.