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We send our kids to school everyday, it’s what we do.  Campus safety has become a hot button issue.   How do you keep security tight in school, without the school beginning to feel like a prison, instead of a comfortable learning environment.  I remember when I was in school, all those many, many, many, many years ago (just kidding, it wasn’t that long ago, it just feels that way.), we did not have metal detectors or police officers at the school.  I did not see campus police until I got to college, and even then, there were very few.  Whether schools, hospitals or large commercial spaces, campus safety can be an issue.

An integrated security system that uses cutting-edge technology can help to deter some crimes.  An IP-based video surveillance system with technology that allows for better images and for the feeds to be directly accessed by law enforcement can be instrumental in allowing law enforcement to respond more quickly.  Advanced access control systems that work with the video system can help to ensure that unauthorized persons are not in the building.  With better facial recognition applications, a security system can be even more proactive with managing who is on the campus.   All of the systems linked to a campus-wide mass notification system helps to ensure that in the event of an emergency, everyone on the campus can be notified at once and take action.

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