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Last week, we posted that the Internet of Things (IoT) was the future of the security industry.  As more “things” become connected to the internet, and operated wirelessly through smart phones, there will be more of an opportunity for security to be integrated and streamlined into these things.  Air conditioning, lighting, televisions and other things are connected wirelessly in the smart home, along with security systems.  Soon, other parts of the home will be connected and you will be turning on your wi-fi enabled coffee maker from the bedroom through your phone.

Here’s an interesting article on security and the smart home.

If you still believe the proliferation of connected home devices is only going to have a minor impact on the adoption of residential alarm systems, it is probably time to reevaluate your stance. As evidenced by this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the concept of the “smart home” is going to be a part of every household appliance, both large and small, developed in the future — and security figures to play a prominent role in that. Nearly every major supplier of home security equipment was on hand at this year’s show with new products or lines of products designed to support the connected home.  Read Article