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We can’t make this stuff up.  Video surveillance footage shows a DHS investigator who was investigating 2012 Secret Service prostitution scandal entering and leaving a hotel known for prostitution.  A prostitute later confirmed that he had indeed paid for sex.  Read the full article.

Video surveillance is used in our commercial applications as a security technology, however, video surveillance is being continually used by law enforcement to help them to solve crimes.  We recently posted a blog about how video surveillance helped to find a kidnap victim, and here is another story regarding serial killers that mentions that video surveillance technology is just one of the technologies that helps law enforcement solve cases.

In most applications, video surveillance is used in a reactive way in which the footage is reviewed to find evidence of a crime committed.   However, video surveillance systems can also be used to to verify alarms or activity.  Video surveillance can also be used with an access control system to confirm the identity of persons entering a facility.  Using a video surveillance system in a more proactive way can create a more secure facility.