About Us

For over two decades, Secure Vigil has worked with customers to design, install and service integrated access control, video and intrusion detection systems. Our security experts work with you on-site to complete a full-scale vulnerability and risk assessment and provide comprehensive security solutions to mitigate those risks.  Implementation of these services such as enterprise integrated CCTV/video surveillance security systems, access control, intrusion detection and monitoring, structured cabling and wireless camera technology are a few of the high-level of products and services we provide.  All of our systems are IP based and can be accessed from any device (computer, tablet or phone) with an internet connection, giving you more control and allowing you to act on intelligence-based real-time data.

Our integrated security solutions are used in commercial applications, including industrial buildings, office buildings, and hospitals as well as with a multitude of facilities with high risk areas that require greater access control.   Our government security implementation has been used for remote border crossings to prevent terrorists and weapons from entering the United States.

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